Writing good blog posts

Wendy Maynard, marketing maven and social media mentor over at Kinesis, Inc. has some pointers for writing good business blog posts. Her tips apply to most any kind of more serious posts, really. I already had to bust myself for not doing some of these.

Compelling blog posts require you to hold back the reins a bit on your passion. Most people want to read articles that are lively, tight, clear, and short. In addition, they should be optimized for search engines using key words and phrases.

I think most of Wendy’s tips can be summarized with “Don’t be lazy”. Guilty as charged. Far too often I’m pushing just to get something posted, let alone reviewing and optimizing. I will probably print out her list of tips and tape it up near my monitor so I can spot-check myself for awhile.

What do you think of her tips? Agree? Disagree? Have more to add? Leave a comment below and/or leave Wendy one at her post.

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  1. Hi Thom – thanks for the mention. I’m glad you got value from the post.

    Best, Wendy

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