Leave of absence

I didn’t intend to be gone from posting for so long. But I’ve been too busy living my life (and holding on tight) to have much time to write about it. Between the store, the kids’ baseball practices and games, out-of-state job interviews, and a major dollop of stress I’ve been too busy to write–or too tired to do so even when I do have time. I intend to change that…just not today.

But I will leave you with a recent moment of beauty.

Driving back from my job interview I crested the ridge east of Boise looking down into the valley. Most of the sky was clear, but hovering right over the middle of the city was a big, low-hanging storm cloud that appeared to be dumping rain in thick, gauzy strands that obscured whatever lay underneath. It looked almost like something out of Independence Day or the original “V” mini-series–an enormous alien mothership hanging over the town.

The rest of town was untouched as I drove home along the edge of the storm cloud, and it remained a beautiful evening. The cloud just seemed to disappear.

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