The one who got hired

I started my new job on Thursday, and after two days on the job I can definitely say…I’ve spent two days on the job. I think I’m going to like my job. I think I’m going to like where I do that job. I’m pretty sure I’m going to like the people I work with.

Yesterday I spent some time with my team lead while we headed down to the main office so I could meet my manager. While we were talking the conversation somehow got around to why I was hired. I knew there were quite a few applicants, and I know there had to be some other strong ones. But hearing why I was hired was a rather humbling and sobering experience.

I won’t go into details, but I find myself going back over the interviews in my mind trying to figure out they picked up on what they did. I’m not sure how. I suspect it was not in anything specific I said, but rather what I may have said in comparison to what others said. That’s an odd concept. It very well could be that I owe my new job to the others who interviewed. Could it be a certain lack in them is what made something in me stand out?

In any case, it reinforced the enormous vote of confidence I’ve just been given. I really want to live up to their expectations. They’ve taken a chance on me, and I owe them my best. And in a way, I owe it to the ones who didn’t get hired.

Yes, I’m feeling overly philosophical today.

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