Facebook felons – An update

The other day I posted about a bill in Congress that would make it a felony to misrepresent oneself online. Evidently there is still one small lick of sense in Washington, because this morning I found this update:

Senators Al Franken and Chuck Grassley proposed new language for the bill (thanks in part to Kerr’s urging) to exempt those guilty only of TOS violations. Franken, in urging his fellow senators to adopt the amendment, said that without it, the following people would be felons: “A father who uses his son’s Facebook password to log into his Facebook account to check his messages and photos” (ed. note: Creepy and invasive but not criminal); “a 17 year-old who claims she is 18 in order to sell her knitted scarves on Etsy,” and “a struggling businessowner who secretly creates a Yelp account to give his restaurants favorable reviews” (ed. note: Again, uncool and deceptive, but not felony behavior).

This makes me feel a little better.


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