Random musings: 9/23/2011

We went to a fundraiser picnic for an animal sanctuary last weekend. It’s interesting to see the type of people who tend to support animal causes. To say we stood out is an understatement. Most of them had multiple and exotic piercings, stretchings, and extensive tatoos, all of which seem ironic to me.

If they were to see someone doing that to an animal they’d protest the cruelty. So why is it so desirable to do to themselves? I swear their motto is: Mutilate people, not animals.

* * * * *

Political debates are educational, but not in the way they’re intended. Anyone who thinks that all Democrats think one way and Republicans think another way needs to watch a few. Here we have a bunch of people who are supposedly from the same party, and they can’t agree on anything. Judging people by their party is like saying I know everything about my neighbor because he’s a Utahn.

Political parties are nothing more than an apparatus for getting people elected and a means for the public to keep score. It’s not about wise and nuanced governance anymore. It’s a sport. People support parties like they support teams. It’s all about “We win, you lose.”

And what is the point of professional sports? To convince people to fork over more cash to support their team. That sounds familiar.

* * * * *

On the other hand, to say nothing good comes out of politics is not true. One example: The Do-Not-Call Registry. Having just changed phone numbers and forgotten to register, I’ve been reminded how much I’ve come to take for granted finishing a meal without the phone ringing.

* * * * *

I’m really enjoying watching the trees on the mountainside change color. On Sunday there were two small blotches of red and one strip of yellow. By Tuesday night the entire mountain was starting to look blotchy. It’s still spreading. It’s like watching a technicolor petri dish. I can’t wait until it reaches the bottom and starts to spread out across the valley.

I love Autumn. Perhaps I’ll change my mind when the fifteen or so trees in my yard start dropping their leaves.


* * * * *

Today’s playlist: Phil Vassar, Billy McLaughlin, Bruce Hornsby, Sting, and Mannheim Steamroller.

At what point does “ecclectic” become “eccentric”?

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