OWS picks on kids?!

I had already long given up any hope of the Occupy movement as being sane, rational, decent, law-abiding citizens trying to raise a valid point. Any comparison between them and the Tea Party is an utter insult to the Tea Party.

Their current tantrum in New York is not protest. It’s sabotage.

But picking on kids? That’s so completely beyond the pale that I can’t even begin to comment on this. How can anyone with any sanity and rational thought still support these people?


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On the other hand, I’m not so sure this is being interpreted correctly. In listening to his I really couldn’t tell what the guy meant to say. I think he was offering support the way one would to a friend who was obviously really messed up, but you hoped would get better. I didn’t pick up on anything that suggested he supported trying to kill Obama or shooting at the White House.

But you can’t tell me the media wouldn’t have been all over this, claiming proof of Tea Party violence and racism, had this been done at a Tea Party rally.

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