Christmas gratitude

I don’t want to go into the the Christmas weekend still grouchy about Congress. I’d much rather focus on the good things in life, because if I stop and think for even a moment I can come up with a considerable number of things to be grateful for:

  • I live in a country where, as rancorous as our political debate can get, we still get to disagree without fear of violence or death.
  • I have a job that pays enough to keep my family in comfort.
  • My children are all healthy, doing well in school, and like to read in their leisure time.
  • My wife, who has seen both my best and my worst, still loves me, and is still my best friend.
  • Neither my immediate nor extended families resemble any of the families you see in sit-coms, Jerry Springer, or the crime shows.
  • I have amazing technologies at my fingertips that were unimaginable when I was a kid–and there are no flying cars! Can you imagine the damage we’d all do if we had them? I mean, seriously.
  • There is a pretty good chance of all my children living to maturity.
  • I don’t have to drive five hours just to see my family any more.
  • I can take for granted when I step out the door each morning that I’ll return home that night.
  • There is more knowledge available for free than at any other time in history.
  • Should I wish to, I can be almost anywhere in the world within 48 hours.
  • Should I wish to, I could get nearly any item imaginable delivered to my doorstep within 36 hours.
  • I can still be involved in running a business over 300 miles away.
  • I have partners who let me be involved in running a business over 300 miles away.
  • We were able to find a partner willing to fund that business, though living over 7500 miles away.
  • My children still want me to play with them, read to them, and try things they get excited about.
  • People I haven’t seen in over twenty years still want to be my friend on Facebook.
  • I haven’t had to replace a car in six years and counting.
  • I have had the priviledge of knowing and being changed by a great many interesting, generous, intelligent, humorous, creative, gracious, perceptive, talented, supportive and/or charitable people in my life, and being able to count most of them as friends and/or family.
  • Our dog is always glad to see me when I come home.
  • I live where there is variety in the seasons.
  • There is still a considerable amount of beauty, love, truth, peace, and even magic to be found in the world.
  • When life gets to be too much there is always something warm and furry nearby to pet.
  • Christ, who made it so I can hope for a better future instead of wishing for a better past.
  • God, who sees fit to grant me all of this and more.

Thank you everyone who has touched my life in so many ways. It’s easy to lose site of, but I really do have a pretty good life, and much to be grateful for. I think one of my goals for next year is to develop a more grateful attitude.

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