Goals for 2012

I told you’d I’d be back with specific goals for this year! And you doubted me! And with good reason, since here it is, nearly the end of January, and I’m just now getting them done. That’s my secret–if you procrastinate long enough you only have to keep your resolutions for eleven months instead of a whole year!

Anyway, here are my goals for 2012:

  1. Be more grateful – I really do have a lot to be grateful for, and I vowed back when I was unemployed to not take so many things for granted. I’ve already failed, but there’s no reason why I can’t try to make up for it a bit.
  2. Be more interesting – I’ve already posted about the Jessica Hagy article a few weeks ago, but I intend to take this more to heart this year. For someone who want to write interesting and unusual stories, I sure don’t put myself out there to identify and embrace new things very much. Time to change that.
  3. Be a writer – In case you haven’t noticed, I’m trying to be a writer, and not just of obscure blog posts. I won’t go into details here of what all I have planned, but it suffices to say this website is going to undergo some significant changes.
  4. Be more involved with my kids – As I wrote last week, I’m rapidly losing time to be a part of my children’s lives. Even though there’s likely a good ten years or more left before they start going out on their own, it’s only a few years now before they start becoming teenagers. If I’m not already part of their foundation by then it’ll likely be too late. I’d better get a move on!
  5. Be independently happy – I’m starting to notice I give people more influence over me than I really should. I need to learn to care more about you, and less about what you think of me. I need to learn that the moods of other people belong to them–I don’t have to adopt them myself, even if I’m trying to help or be supportive.
  6. Be healthier – I’m not getting any younger. I still have heart problems that may or may not be getting slowly worse. I’d prefer to be around as long as possible–as my cardiologist said, the longer we can hold off, the better the chance new technologies will be available to make fixing my problems that much easier than it is today. Besides, I’ve got an ambitious year ahead of me. It simply won’t do to be tired all the time. And so I need to really focus in on finding an exercise program that I will do.

I imagine I’ll let you in on the details of each of these goals at a later date (why put it all in one post when I can milk this baby for at least six more!), along with the steps I’ve identified to help me get there. But there you go, there’s my list for 2012. You’re all my witnesses–witnessi?

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