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 Schrödinger’s Rally!

Kuwait activist: Police disperse ‘stateless’ rally

Of course, wouldn’t the police have to observe the rally to disperse it, thereby changing its state?

Hey, give me a break. It’s friday.

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Welcome to the New (Facebook) Economy: Girlfriend for $5

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 My children expressed concerns about it being Friday the 13th today. I’m starting to notice little superstitions cropping up in various aspects of their lives. For my part, I’ve noticed that superstition is often a lack of attention.

For example, in playing pool with my son last night he insisted that he never loses when he gets to play the solid balls. Never mind that he said this right after losing a game to me in which he played the solid balls. Likewise my daughter insists that she loses games when she is the one to place the 13 ball in the rack, she did preparing for our game. And yet it was me who lost the game to her when I scratched trying to put down the 8 ball.

For my part, I don’t believe Friday the 13th to be unlucky. It’s a friday after all! If a day were to be unlucky it would be monday the 13th. 😉

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