An odd story about Planned Parenthood

Author Tucker Max wants to give $500,000 to Planned Parenthood (and get a clinic named after him). At first Planned Parenthood is all for it. Then they’re suddenly against it.

After the big blow-up over the Komen Foundation’s plan to cut support to Planned Parenthood this strikes me as odd. I admit I have no idea who Tucker Max is or if he is or comes across as anti-women. And I’ll maintain that Planned Parenthood has as much right to control who they take money from as the Komen Foundation has to decide who to give money to. But considering the self-righteous uproar over Komen, you’d think Planned Parenthood would show a better example.

If there’s something I don’t know about Tucker Max that would make him a pariah donator, I’m interested in hearing about it. There very well could be. I’d certainly be careful who I named my house after, no matter how much they donated to me. But then I wasn’t the one calling for the Komen Foundation’s head on a platter.

Just more evidence that the world is a crazy place.

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