I got nuthin’

It’s been a crazy week, and while I’ve had time to write I’ve had a hard time coming up with ideas I can develop into a decent post, especially when I remind myself that I’m trying not to be political. But I woke up this morning and realized I hadn’t posted anything yet. Oops. My bad. So I’m going to invoke a time-honored technique of columnists at all levels and talk about…not knowing what to write!

Here are some of the basic ideas I’ve begun and rejected this week:

George Zimmerman: I don’t know enough to pass judgment–and neither do you. Shut up already.

Hilary Rosen: That was a dumb thing to say. (Terry O’Neill, President O’Neill: Even stupider thing to say–are you trying to diss volunteerism and prove all the conservatives’ suspicious about liberals true?!)

Dog-Gate (Romney’s dog rides atop the car, Obama eats his): Focus, people! Focus!

Critical reading: Nearly half of all Americans earn less than the median income. Cue the outrage! But seriously, folks, most studies don’t really mean what the media thinks they mean. Look deeper, find out what the reports really say. A majority of reporters don’t really understand research and how to report it accurately.

Obama’s “Silver spoon” comment: Do you really want to keep pointing out that your opponent is successful and comes from a successful family? People might start wondering if that isn’t just what we need.

Secret Service Scandal: These guys volunteer to be meat shields, so they deserve a little slack. That said, there are lots of good secret servicemen who are getting an undeserved black eye. Kick out the bad and let the good guys do their thankless and dangerous jobs.

GSA Spending Spree: What were you thinking. Or should that be “What, were you thinking?!”

See, you were better off not getting a post today. Next time I’ll just post up a “I got nuthin'”, and you’ll trust me on this.

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