That new glasses feeling

It’s probably close to five years since I last got new glasses. I’d forgotten just how unsettling the first day or so can be. Nothing is where it’s supposed to be. My depth perception is off. They don’t sit right on my nose (even though they’re sitting where they should be).

But on the bright side, there are trees and houses on the mountains. I knew they were there, of course, but they look so much clearer now. I don’t have to hold things as close to my face to see them clearly.

And of course, my eyes hurt. I’m not sure if that’s the new glasses, though, or the allergies. We’re in allergy season here, and I’m not doing well. But the slight headache I blame fully on the glasses. It will go away in time, I know. But like I said, I’m not used to this.

By this time tomorrow I probably won’t even notice anymore. That’s the way it is with change. It bothers and rankles at first, but slowly you get used to it until you start to accept it and then not even notice it. And yes, it can be a headache going through it. But eventually you not only don’t notice the drawbacks, you don’t notice the benefits, either. It’s human nature, of course.

My life has gone through a lot of changes in the past few years. They were very uncomfortable at the time, but they had their good sides, too. I need to make a conscious effort not to forget too quickly just how much better much of my life is now because of those those changes. It hasn’t been without its down-sides, but on the whole, I’m pretty fortunate to be where I am now and having experienced what I’ve gone through.

Of course I’m more than happy to not go through any more changes for awhile. But when change comes (it always does), I hope next time I’ll be a little more patient and able to roll with it and see where it takes me.

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