Under siege

For about a month now this site has been under siege. Comment spammers seem to be drawn to this site, though I can’t imagine why. I have to approve all comments here, and they don’t get approved. These people must be getting paid by the hour rather than the successful comment, because they keep coming back to me.

I should figure out how to just shut down all comments here except those that come through Facebook, but frankly if it weren’t for the spammers I’d probably get no traffic at all. 😉


And speaking of annoying wastes of time, how about the flood of political messages via Facebook pics these days. I don’t care which side they come from, they’re annoying. And let’s face it, folks. If your political opinion can be summarized in a sentence or two on a Facebook pic, chances are you either haven’t researched the issue enough, thought it through enough, or both. Very, very few issues are so simplistic these days.

Also, please look up the definition of the word “irony”. I’ll give you a hint: it’s what results when you engage in questionable rhetoric and methodology to prove how terrible the other side is for engaging in the very same rhetoric and methodology. Please explain to me how this makes you better than your opponent.

Yes, I’m getting a little peeved. I should probably do a little Takei and chill.

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