Curse of the lawnmower

I think my lawnmower is angry with me. For various reasons I haven’t mowed the lawn in well over two weeks, and it’s getting shaggy in places. I went out to mow at least the front lawn tonight so at least the part everyone sees would look better.

The lawnmower wouldn’t start.

Not that this was a surprise, mind you. I’ve struggled with this lawnmower off and on for over six years. Every so often it will just refuse to start. Sometimes if you just ignore it and try again the next day it will start. Other times it will require a lawnmower repairman to get involved.

But it was a surprise in that it’s been quite awhile since it stopped working last. I’d hoped perhaps the change of climate when we moved here had done the mower good, and it wouldn’t give me any more trouble. But no. It just won’t start.

I cling like a bitter clinger, not to my guns and bible, but to the hope that the problem will just go away and I’ll be able to mow the lawn tomorrow night instead. We had a good, reliable repairman in Boise. We don’t have one here yet. I’d prefer not to need one.  But we’ll see. The mower may be getting even with me for leaving it alone so long.

But maybe, just maybe, the last laugh will be mine. I could always get a new mower instead of paying repairmen. That would teach it a lesson! But no, I’ll hang onto it as long as I can, repair it when I must, and hope for the best. We’ve got to squeak a little more mileage out of it before we replace it.

Just like everything else around our house.

I have to be more careful not to offend the machinery before something else goes out on us.

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