Salt and pepper

This weekend for various reasons I didn’t shave for a couple days. When I finally looked in the mirror I was a bit alarmed to see just how gray my beard has gone. I’m used to seeing gray hair. It’s been going that way for several years now, mostly along the sides. When I see it in the mirror it’s at an angle, and doesn’t look too bad.

But I seldom see my beard. I don’t let it grow out more than a day very often, mostly because I learned long ago there is no point to my trying to grow a beard. Mother nature and a few unfortunate accidents have left me with a patchy beard that just doesn’t look good no matter how I try to style it. My compromise is to hang on to my cheesy moustache.

So it was a bit of a shock to see just how far my transformation has progressed. I expected a little salt among the pepper, but not a 1:1 mixture. It was like visiting an old friend I haven’t seen for a few years and finding them dramatically aged. Weird.

I’m not sure why this would bother me. As I said, I’ve been going gray on top for years now, and I actually kinda like it. I suppose it was just the suddenness of it.

Just further proof that when nine-hundred years old I reach, look as good as Yoda I will not.

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