The Power of trust

I have an accountant that I have really come to trust. Mind you, I never thought I’d be the type of person who would have an accountant. But between starting a business and moving to another state, I’ve learned that it can be a good thing to have one. From the start he’s made it clear it’s more about a relationship of trust than of money. I’ve worked some some professionals who can’t wait to tick off another billable quarter-hour, but this guy lets me ask him all sorts of questions and has only ever billed me for doing my taxes. In fact, I feel a bit guilty about this.

Anyway, that sort of relationship commands respect, and that respect is transferable. For example, I recently spoke to him about a business option that would require the help of another professional. My accountant knew someone he felt would be good. Viola! Just like that I now trust this person he referred me to.

So far this new guy seems good, too. So when yet another need arose and he referred me to someone I paid attention. Granted, in this case I already had someone I trusted who I thought might be able to help me, but just in case they couldn’t, I’ve got this third person as a backup.

Trust is important. I’ve worked with other people in other capacities that I would immediately be cautious of anyone they recommended. Or at best I’d take that recommendation lightly and do a little digging on my own first. But when that trust is there…well, I didn’t even research another option once my accountant made his recommendation. And I’m a cautious guy.

Trust is just that powerful.

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