Well done, London!

Well, the Olympic Games are over for another year and a half, and the four-year countdown to Brazil begins. It’s been quite a fun ride for the past two weeks. Our family spent at least some time nearly every day in front of the television watching the coverage. The games promise drama and athletic excellence, and London delivered.

We saw Michael Phelps wrapping up his career with introspection and graciousness. We saw Usain Bolt gain a few more hat sizes (not sure why he doesn’t look like a bobble-head already). We saw gymnasts tackle pressure with grace and poise, and surprise finishes in many sports. We saw the full splendor of the Olympics against the splendid backdrop of London and the UK.

I’m proud to have British ancestry, and not just because of the Olympics. Tom Brokaw’s mini-documentary on England’s role in World War II over the weekend was quite stirring. Someday I will visit England, perhaps even meet some of the friends I’ve made online over the years. It’s a beautiful and varied country that manages to fit so much into an island a little bigger than my home state. It’s culture has had an enormous impact on my life.

Anyway, I thought the Games were well done, and the opening and closing ceremonies an excellent showcase of British culture. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the show, even though I’m also just a little glad to be able to get back to life as normal. But in the mean time, well done London! Well done United Kingdom! I suppose you’re all pros at hosting the Olympics by now, but still, way to go!

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