New digs

Back in June I mentioned that my company was going to relocate our team to a new downtown location in a month. Well, it didn’t happen quite so quickly as that, but the time is almost here for real, finally. This is where we’re headed, if you care to look.

Today our group got a preview of the facility. To quote Danny Kaye in The Inspector General, “I liiiiiiike it!” We’ll be near the top floor, with windows looking out over the Salt Lake Valley to the east and south. I was a little concerned when I saw the map a month or so ago and saw that I was being stuck in an interior room. I pictured a little, stuffy hovel with no natural light.

I was wrong. Though there is a conference room between me and the windows, the wall of the conference room and the outer wall of my room are both glass. I have almost as good a view as anyone else, only farther away so I won’t feel the evening sun as much. It could certainly be worse.

The entire office has been spruced up and modernized, so it looks quite fresh and clean. The hallways are a little narrow, but otherwise, it’s going to be an enjoyable place to work.

I imagine I’ll have to take a few lunch expeditions to explore the surrounding area and see what fun shops might be nearby. If nothing else, it’s just a short, free streetcar ride to Temple Square, which is always a beautiful place to hang out. I’m not one to go out for lunch much, but just today I saw at least half a dozen restaurants within half a block.

We move in the end of this week. I’ll start riding the train to work, which may be a bit of an adventure. I need to do a little scouting before then to see how long it will take me to get from my house to the nearest train station. Sometime next year there will be a closer one opening, but for now I need to prepare to get out of the house earlier in the morning.

Now that I’ve seen the place and know what to expect, I’m getting rather excited for the move. This could be a fun little adventure for awhile.

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