I’m not dead yet!

Having to admit last week that I was getting nowhere on my novel got me thinking. I took a long, hard look at my life and decided the routine I was so excited about before just isn’t working out. I haven’t been very happy, and partly because I haven’t been writing. My novel was one thing I could always take solace in–no matter how depressing other aspects of life may get, at least I was making progress on my novel.

So, as Peter Brady would say (or sing), “It’s time to ChaAAAannnge!” Today was the first day of the new (old) routine. I’m exercising during my breaks (doing stairs; today I did a total of twenty stories down and up). I’m writing during my lunch (845 words today!) . And evenings are open for whatever needs doing. Which tonight is ignoring reworking the budget. I’m getting good at avoiding that one.

This does mean I’ll be getting less reading done, but then I’ve been not getting much reading done most of this year, and still managed to read over 30 books of average size. What’s better is that I now have hope again of finishing my novel this year. And finally moving on to something else!

I don’t think I’ll be doing NaNoWriMo this year, as my employer has dumped a bunch of work on us and made it clear it will be finished on time even if we have to work nights and weekends. So since my first due-date is November 16th, I suspect I had best not commit to too much this next month. Sorry guys, maybe next year.

Anyway, it’s a bit premature to declare my new routine a success, but I’m at least calling the first day for the home team. A small success, but an important one.

Speaking of success, as much as I have to grumble at the high price of the new asthma medication my new doctor prescribed for me, it’s working. Last week I couldn’t even go up the stairs at work once without having an attack. Today I did it close to twice, with no attack. I was short of breath for other reasons, mind you, but not from asthma. I may be forced to grudgingly like the stuff.

(Which reminds me, I need to stretch out my calf muscles before I go to bed tonight. My legs have been feeling like jelly much of the day today).

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  1. Robyn Taylor says:

    Good job, Thom!

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