Repeat As Necessary

The attack on our embassy and the murder of four Americans in Libya was not and was never about a YouTube video. That’s what we’re hearing from the current administration right now. I remember things differently, but that’s not even the problem here.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the maker of the video that wasn’t the cause of the attack is still in jail.

Mind you, it’s not necessarily undeserved if he really did violate the terms of his parole. What bothers me is that evidently his parole violation wasn’t worth doing anything about before the attack on our embassy his video didn’t cause. Months after he makes and releases a video that is offensive to Muslims and several days after the attack–long after the Administration supposedly knew the video had nothing to do with it–he is hauled in for questioning about that video because the Department of Justice insists on it, even though his video didn’t cause the attack. While they’ve got him they suddenly realize he has been violating his parole. His parole officer didn’t already know this?

Now he’s in jail because of what they found while investigating him for…what exactly? If they knew the attack wasn’t because of his video, why did they bring him in?

Something doesn’t add up in all of this. I’m a little tired of people trying to cover for the administration and insist Benghazi is not a big deal. Why is Harry Reid more concerned about Mitt Romney’s tax returns than he is about four American lives and an Administration that can’t keep their story straight? Remember how Obama campaigned once on creating the most transparent administration ever? Evidently he doesn’t.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Shut up, you racist, sexist jerk. Thanks, but I prefer the term “patriotic.” Remember? That’s what dissent used to be.

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  1. You know there with the administration will do will try to bury us in a lot of relevant retail detail what happened there was for seven hours we watched Americans being killed and we did nothing.

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