Rediscovering The Nylons

No, Bill, I am not rediscovering women’s hosiery. I’m talking about the male acapella group.

I downloaded some Nylons songs recently and put them on my player–and promptly forgot about it. Several days went by, and I found myself on the train, needing some entertainment to pass the time. The Nylons came up in the playlist.

The versions I downloaded were from a “live in concert” album. I was immediately transported to the late ’90’s when my sister and I traveled nearly four hours to hear them in concert (Okay, we were also going to visit my brother and his family). They put on a good concert, and on the bus ride back to my brother’s house a bunch of the passengers and we started an impromptu concert.

I love singing those tight do-wop harmonies. I was in a guys quartet in high school that sang a lot of the old goldies, and we had a lot of fun. We got our start when one of the senior girls talked us into putting together a number for a school program. I can’t even remember what we named ourselves, but I think we named ourselves after her: “Deena’s Boys” or something like that.

That experience was fun, and we got more serious about singing together. Next we talked our choir director into singing with us, and we called ourselves “Charlie and the Singing Seafood”. Our choir director was “Charlie” (his real name is Dan) and sang lead, and the rest of us sang first and second tuna, barricude, and a bass. Charlie? He was just there for the halibut. After our next performance “Charlie” bowed out, and we continued on as just the Singing Seafood.

I digress, I think. It suffices to say I have a lot of memories tied up with The Nylons. They weren’t quite as famous as Rockapella, perhaps, but somehow I liked them better. Perhaps it was just because I heard them first. Certainly I love singing along, and had a hard time not serenading the other (albeit few) passengers on the train. I don’t sing nearly so much as I used to, and I do miss it some times. I’d love to find a bunch of guys to sing with again.

But for now I’ll have to just download some more Nylons. Or, since the site I download from doesn’t seem to have all the songs I want, buy their albums again. Amazon has them, so the number of excuses is dwindling. Hmmm… I have a birthday coming up.

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