Sporadic Posting Ahead

Starting tomorrow I’ll be on vacation from work for ten days straight (one of the few benefits of leaving most of your vacation time un-taken until you’re just about to lose it. I really intend to spread it out a little better next year). I don’t necessarily have anything significant planned, but just as a warning, I may not be posting much.

Oddly enough, I seem to post more frequently when I’m busier. Or rather, when I’m on my normal routine. Vacations throw everything off. So I make no promises for the next two weeks.

Today I officially start on a new project and with my new team. Our company recently reorganized our group, chopped us in half, and moved us all into three other groups. I’m one of the first to be reassigned to new work, and to a new location (or rather the one we came from three months ago–I may even be back at my same desk, though probably only for awhile until they find us more permanent spots.

I’m looking forward to the change, even though it means driving to work again–24 miles each way.

I’m also hopeful we’ll have a white Christmas this year. We got a goodly amount of snow over the weekend, and more is supposed to be on the way. It’s entirely possible it won’t all have melted away before Christmas. Last night we went out delivering goodies to our local friends, and it was just about perfect weather for that authentic winter experience: crisp and cold, a touch of wind, and lots of drifts for the kids to tromp through. We went out on foot, since everyone lived so close, enjoyed the neighborhood Christmas lights along the way, and then came home to hot spiced cider and Christmas cookies (my wife has discovered a new recipe this year…YUM!).

Anyway, if I don’t post before then, Merry Christmas to all who care to have one, and very happy and prosperous New Year. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re someone who has touched my life at some point, and I thank you for that. (Actually, odds are you’re a comment spammer, but you don’t count.) I’ve been blessed to have some wonderful friends through the years, and I wish you all the best. Most of all, I wish you your own generous slice of peace on earth. May the season not run you too ragged. 😉


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