Employment is good

Last Friday on Facebook I saw that a friend of mine from college had been laid off from his job. Besides wanting to help, I felt a surge of gratitude that I had made it successfully through that very scenario not so long ago. Such things are always best seen in the rear-view mirror.

I do hope my friend can land on his feet, and soon, and without having to turn his life upside down to the extent I did. Not that we haven’t had some great experiences and met some wonderful people down here in Utah, but given the choice I would still be living in Boise right now. Relocating is not terribly fun.

But all things considered, I like being employed. I’ve been in my job here over a year and a half now, and whenever things get a little hard to deal with I keep reciting my mantra: “Yes, but I get a pay check every two weeks, and it doesn’t bounce. Life is good!” Two years of unemployment tend to make it a bit easier to appreciate the joy of regular income.

So though I feel bad for my friend, I can’t help but issue a sigh of relief that I’m not going through that…at the moment, anyway. I’ve been there a few times now, and while I’ve landed on my feet each time, and generally better off, it’s not easy while you’re going through it. There but for the grace of God go I…again.

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