I’ve always had an interest in photography ever since my older brother got into it when I was a teenager. Mostly, though, I’ve just appreciated other people’s pictures and maybe picked up a few pointers on how to make my point-n-click photography more interesting. Lately, though, my daughter has been showing interest, as well. A few months ago she began wishing she had an SLR camera and announced she was saving her money to get one.

At her current rate of allowance she’d be 21 before she got one.

But since our interests coincided I offered her a deal. We’d keep our eyes open for a good deal on a low-end DSLR and save our money together. I even decided to check with my brother to see what he might recommend, or if he knew of anyone selling off their used camera equipment. It turns out he was.

Long story short, not long after Christmas we bought my brother’s camera. We’re still learning what it and we can do, but we’ve shot well over 200 experimental pictures since then. Most are throw-aways, but we’ve had a few turn out pretty well. Though it annoys professional photographers to no end when someone says, “That’s a great picture, you must have a good camera”, in our case that’s probably more true than not at this point.

But as we get some shots to be proud of I’ll put some up here. I’ll start you off with one of the few good ones from our first batch.


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