Approaching critical mass

I knew my daughter would come home from her one day at LTUE totally psyched up to write. She’s currently knee-deep in world-building for a new story. My older son was already working on his own story before the symposium. But now my youngest child has decided to start writing a story, too! He’s seven.

My wife had better get with the program.

But seriously, if all of my kids decide to try writing for fun I couldn’t be happier. Even if they never do anything with it, or even if they lose interest after awhile, they are voluntarily writing! They are taking some of their own free time to construct sentences, and use a keyboard for something other than playing games. They are engaging their creativity, and using their imaginations.

There are so many other things they could be doing that are not nearly so beneficial. That, if nothing else, is well worth the time I put in at the symposium, as exhausting as it was. So many kids grow up these days without much opportunity to be creative or develop imaginations. Schools do little to remedy that.

So, in short, this is awesome!

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  1. Robyn Taylor says:

    I think it’s fabulous that the kids want to start writing. I think it’s really important for them to learn to use their imaginations and experiment with words. One of my all time favourite books is my thesaurus. When I was a kid I filled notebooks (emphasis on the plural) with stories. I loved it.

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