Dust settling

It’s nice to relax at home a bit. I’m still working my way through my notes, typing them up for public consumption. I agreed to exchange notes with a few other attendees, which could be useful. I hope my note-taking is up to par with theirs.

I mentioned yesterday that Emma came along yesterday and made me proud. That’s because she attended several of the presentations by herself and held her own quite well. She got up the courage to ask questions in two separate classes, and they were pretty good questions. I was there for one of them. She also approached one of her heroes (unbeknownst to me) and got his autograph. But then she’s never really lacked for courage.

I’m also grateful for a world that still is kind to children. Not only were her questions taken seriously (not because of the questions, but because she’s a kid), but panelists approached her after each presentation to compliment her on her questions.

Thinking back, she’s only a little younger than I was when I first started attending Young Authors Conferences back where I grew up. They don’t have anything like that here, so I’m glad the LTUE exists and is accepting of kids. I’m very impressed with the community they’ve built up here.

It would be interesting if, down the road a few years at least, Emma and I are doing our own “Collings Thing” and conventions and conferences. Michaelbrent Collings, whom I’ve mentioned previously, and his father, Michael Collings, are both writers, and were both at the symposium as presenters and selling their books. I could see Emma and I doing that some day.That would be awesome.

Actually, I could see either of my sons joining in the fun, too. Walter’s begun writing more seriously lately, too, and though it’s fan-fic, he’s showing some definite improvement of the last time he tried to write something. He’s been showing me his draft as he writes it, and there have been times I’ve read the latest version to find he’s gone back and improved places I’d already read. That is a good sign!

Anyway, I’ve only been able to finish one day’s worth of notes so far, so I should probably get after it some more. I’m off work tomorrow, too (yay banking industry!), but I’ve got plenty to do between spoiling my wife and catching up on a few things that are requiring attention. Happy Presidents’ Day, y’all!

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