Hey! I remember that place!

I’m home! LTUE was great, and it was especially fun having my daughter along today. She made me proud. But I am BEAT! My brain is fried. It’ll probably take me a day or two to sort through all my notes, the business cards, and the various marketing materials I picked up along the way. And remember all the people I promised to email.

I can’t say I feel any more inspired to write. That wasn’t the point. I DO feel more solid on how to write, and how to prepare to write. And I’ve got enough reading material to last me for awhile–a long while. And that’s even without buying the Mormon Steampunk novel D. J. Butler wrote. I still want to get my hands on a copy of that. But I snoozed, and I loozed. Or rather he loozed, because he could have sold another copy if he’d brought more. But I did buy his “Rock Band Fights Evil” 3-in-1 one novella collection. This had better be good or I am SO not buying the steampunk novel. Maybe.

Contacts…made a few, including perhaps the best one: Melva Gifford. She’s an emeritus chairperson for LTUE and probably the best ambassador LTUE could have. I watched several times as she’d sit down next to someone and immediately take them under her wing. I got the “Melva Treatment” myself today, and I think I may have just tapped into a networking goldmine. Though she also made it clear it comes at a cost. I need to get involved in some of the groups and/or events around here and do my part to sustain the community.

Sounds fair to me. If I picked up on nothing else the last few days it’s that there is definitely a community of writers in this area, and I’d be a fool to pass on connecting in.

I’m dead tired, but I’m excited to be a writer.

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