LTUE – Day Two

Well, that was day two. And a good day it was. I think I can handle one more day of this. Good thing, since I’m taking my daughter tomorrow, and she would be very mad at me if I tried to bail on her. She was on the verge of skipping school and stowing away in my car this morning, she’s so excited to go.

Today’s observations:

  1. Michaelbrent Collings is still a cool guy. Shot the breeze with him for a while today while I bought one of his books. I’ll start with one of his suspense novels first, then perhaps try out some of his horror if I like that one.
  2. Sometimes even your heroes have bad days. Don’t take it personal. They have no way of knowing what your expectations were, so it’s hard to live up to them.
  3. There are some interesting companies out there trying to find the new business model for publishing in the eBook age. Some are cool, some not so cool. Did that company really just tell me they don’t do much for you and still expect 50% of your sales? If all you’re doing is editing and formatting my book, putting a cover on it, and then putting it on Amazon and leaving it up to me to market it…why wouldn’t I just find someplace who will do all that for a one-time flat rate?
  4. Perhaps the most useful class today was on how to make a good impression when meeting people. (Find the presentation (which we actually didn’t get to see) here.)
  5. Did I mention flexibility?
  6. Yes, there is Mormon Steampunk. No, I didn’t buy a copy. Yet.
  7. There are writers out there succeeding in spite of some significant obstacles and difficulties (ie. some are physically unable to write for more than an hour or two at at a time). What’s my excuse?
  8. I need to find a writing group.
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