Oscar Mire

I don’t watch the Super Bowl, and I don’t watch the Academy Awards. I admit it. And I probably wouldn’t even if they weren’t on Sunday, a declared No-TV Day in our house (not that that’s saying much, as we almost never watch TV, regardless of the day). I don’t even pay attention.

Hollywood and I have very little in common these days. They just don’t make movies that interest me enough to watch in theaters–even the dollar theater. They almost got me out for Les Miserables, and almost for The Hobbit. I might still go to the dollar theater with the kids, but I’ve heard too much about it now to be enthusiastic. I may go see Ender’s Game at the end of this year.

But even when I did like movies, it’s almost never the movies I care about that even get nominated. And, quite frankly, I tire of being told what movies to think “important.” For the most part, it’s become synonymous with “boring and pretentious.”

I don’t get excited for the glamor or glitz, either. I can’t even rouse myself for a good rant about how much the women pay for strips of cloth strategically hung in defiance of physics. I do roll my eyes when I hear about the value of each year’s “goody bag”, but that really only bothers me when I hear some celebrity lecture the rest of us about the evil rich. Sorry to break this to you, folks, but when people give you $40,000+ worth of stuff just to show up, you have become part of the problem you are decrying.

(It was interesting, however, to note the difference between major news sources when I googled the value of this year’s goody bag. Fox News has a story about how much of that the government takes in taxes, while the Huffington Post has an article about how this year’s goody bag doesn’t measure up to previous years.)

Probably the only thing interesting about the Oscars this year, from what I can tell, is what we’re not hearing about. Evidently host Seth MacFarlane was a misogynist jerk. And where did I hear this? A Libertarian/conservative website. Even Facebook has been silent on the matter. Friends who usually become quite heated about such things have absolutely nothing to say on the matter. Odd. Very odd.

But other than that, I’d have to say that what I didn’t see about the Superbowl was more interesting than what I didn’t see about the Oscars. It would have been fun to have the power go out for half an hour at the Academy Awards. It really would! Oh well. If it ever does happen, I’ll be sure to miss it.

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