Hangdog expressions

There are few things sadder than a normally happy, enthusiastic dog that looks totally devastated. That was our Sofie this week after we took her to the vet. She needed to get her teeth cleaned, and we knew that would be a major ordeal for at least her, and probably the vet, too.

She does not like being handled, and she likes it even less from strangers. They had to give her the canine version of happy gas to get her to calm down enough so they could even examine her. Then they found a cracked tooth that needed to be surgically removed. She ended up spending nearly seven hours at the vet, and when my wife went to pick her up she practically dragged the assistant behind her in her bid to get out of there!

Not only did she hate the vet, but she was now wary of us, too. She moped around the house, looking very small, very nervous, and absolutely crushed that we would subject her to such indignity. Our wonderful doggy, who is usually so quick to forgive, was not going to forget this one so easily.

She was mostly back to normal the next day, but she’s very notably keeping her mouth closed. I think I’ve seen her teeth once in the last 24 hours. Usually she’s wearing a big, goofy, ear-to-ear grin and showing off her whole mouthful of teeth. Our happy dog is still not quite back to happy yet.

I hope she doesn’t take too long. I miss my big goofy doggy.

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