One week and counting

I remember how people would go to bookstores for the midnight releases of the last several Harry Potter books. I used to think they were a bit nuts. I can’t say “completely nuts” because I used to go to opening night releases of the Star Wars and Star Trek movies when they came out in my youth.

But they didn’t have midnight showings back then, and people didn’t camp out for days beforehand just to get a ticket. I lived in Pocatello, Idaho, and if you wanted to get in to the first showing of a movie you just showed up maybe an hour early.

Anyway, midnight releases of books? As much as I like books, I wouldn’t do that.

Having kids makes you do weird things. No, I’m not going to a midnight release party. Thank heaven Brandon Mull holds his at 6:30 pm. Next Friday my kids and I will be heading to Mull’s Beyonders: Chasing the Prophecy release party. My middle child is re-reading Beyonders 2 in preparation. I think I’d better clear my calendar next weekend.

I admit my kids aren’t the only ones looking forward to it. It’s a mid-grade children’s book, but there is far more depth to this series than kids will ever realize. He didn’t take shortcuts hoping kids won’t be familiar with fantasy tropes, but instead turned many of those tropes on their heads. His villain is one of the most complex I’ve seen. I enjoy this series perhaps even more than my kids.

So, yup. We’re joining the crowd to make sure Mr. Mull gets his money from us. He deserves it.

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