Back into coaching

It’s a sad sign of our times when a man who knows even less about soccer than he does about baseball is drafted to be a soccer coach. I went to my daughter’s first soccer practice last week and came home an assistant coach. That’s the good news: assistant coach. The guy who knows what he’s doing is still in charge. I’ll just be helping out.

This will be that coach’s last time coaching, however. He’s been doing it to make sure his daughter gets a good experience, and after this year she will too old to participate. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is also the last season my daughter participates, but we’ll see.

I’m actually looking forward to this. I could use a little more soccer knowledge. And I could use a little exercise, too. I feel better when I get at least some exercise, but I struggle with making time. This will at least give me an excuse once a week. Now I just have to find the time and motivation the rest of the week.

What’s interesting though is that the coach actually didn’t even ask. He volunteered me and the other dad who showed up. I guess he’s used to dealing with wishy-washy parents.

It’s going to be a big team this season: eighteen girls. There’s no way he’ll get to give all the girls the amount of playing time as they’d like. He’s already getting the word out to the parents. Meanwhile, he’s probably going to need two assistants (he’s only had one previously) just to keep everything organized.

Let the games begin!

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