A little too close for comfort?

The folks at Studio C (hat tip Greenway family) have managed to capture the essence of my courtship of my wife in a six-minute video. Okay, not really, but it’s close. Estonia is only a short boat-ride away from Finland, share a similar language, and the werewolf monkeys do get kinda bad at certain times of the year. Anyway, this video is a good reminder of how fortunate we were that Terhi speaks much better English than I do Finnish. Enjoy!

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10 Responses to A little too close for comfort?

  1. Yes, Thom, I have little trouble envisioning you thirsting for your in-laws chitlins.

  2. As a Finn I feel slightly offended being compared to Estonians. (and as far as I remember Terhi IS taller than you.) And the weremonkeys aren’t really that bad. They do hibernate during winter so it’s just a couple of weeks in July that you need to watch out for them.

  3. We…don’t even want to talk about the mosquitoes. They make the weremonkeys seem tame.

  4. Robyn Taylor says:

    That’s hilarious! Google Translate seems like a handy tool to use, but I’ve gotten some very bizarre translations using it.

  5. Terhi says:

    The video is so funny! I would never ever trust Google Translate to translate anything important. Some of my family live in Kangasala and instead of realizing that it’s a name of a town, Google translated it “Fabric Bottom.”

    Joonas, I must disagree with you. I’m honorod to be compared to Estonians, as they are a hard working, honest, friendly people (I know, I lived there for 3 years). It’s the Soviet Union that ruined many things over there, but fortunately Estonians are bouncing back now. As far as the video goes, Estonians are really nothing like that. 🙂

    Oops, I had forgotten about the warewolf monkeys! Thank goodness we will be back home before they start roaming aroudn in July.

  6. Well, she seems to have forgotten how to put down our lovely neighbours (They do need their reality check now and then, especially the Swedes), but forgetting about the weremonkeys can be quite dangerous. :/

  7. Terhi, Estonians don’t have hair, or wear clothes, or have human shape? Hmmm, I guess that the Soviet union really did more damage than I thought. 😉

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