A little too close for comfort?

The folks at Studio C (hat tip Greenway family) have managed to capture the essence of my courtship of my wife in a six-minute video. Okay, not really, but it’s close. Estonia is only a short boat-ride away from Finland, share a similar language, and the werewolf monkeys do get kinda bad at certain times of the year. Anyway, this video is a good reminder of how fortunate we were that Terhi speaks much better English than I do Finnish. Enjoy!

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10 Responses to A little too close for comfort?

  1. Robyn Taylor says:

    That’s hilarious! Google Translate seems like a handy tool to use, but I’ve gotten some very bizarre translations using it.

  2. Terhi says:

    The video is so funny! I would never ever trust Google Translate to translate anything important. Some of my family live in Kangasala and instead of realizing that it’s a name of a town, Google translated it “Fabric Bottom.”

    Joonas, I must disagree with you. I’m honorod to be compared to Estonians, as they are a hard working, honest, friendly people (I know, I lived there for 3 years). It’s the Soviet Union that ruined many things over there, but fortunately Estonians are bouncing back now. As far as the video goes, Estonians are really nothing like that. 🙂

    Oops, I had forgotten about the warewolf monkeys! Thank goodness we will be back home before they start roaming aroudn in July.

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