Every day I’m shuffling

The other day my department at work held a “Mandatory Fun Day” at a local meeting facility. Before we began the fun part our boss’ boss held a brief meeting to inform us of some more changes. The department has become somewhat unbalanced (read that any way you like) in the last six months, and so he decided to hire an additional manager and spread the personnel around a bit more uniformly.

When he showed the new org chart I at first had a bit of a heart attack; my name wasn’t on it! I finally found it after awhile, in a color that made it hard to read, and in a team I hadn’t thought likely. I’m on a team that makes me raise my eyebrows a bit and wonder if there might be more to it than “We needed to balance the organization and your number was picked to move over.” Of course that was not the day to find out the answer to that question. About the only contact I had with my new manager that day was quite literal. We were opposite one another across the walleyball net and kinda collided going for the ball.

From the sound of it my daily responsibilities change not in the slightest, so it’s not like I really need the answer right now, anyway. But part of me is getting a little tired of constant change with little explanation. I was happy, more or less, where I was.

On the bright side, the Fun part was fun. For a short guy I think I acquitted myself well at walleyball, won comfortably at both games of ping pong, and had a winning season at the pool table. And I got a little more acquainted with people across the department, and especially my new team. And I got to go home early. Not a bad day.

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  1. It will only get worse, Thom, it will only get worse.

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