Happy Mothers Day

Yes, I’m early. But, besides the fact that I don’t post on weekends, come Mothers Day I’ll be busy enough with my own personal celebrations. It’s either now, or late.

Mothers don’t get much credit. When you think about it, what accomplishment by the human race could possibly compare with mothers’ efforts to provide a human race in the first place? Edison, Einstein, Lincoln, Churchill…none of them could have done anything had they not survived to adulthood. None of them would have done anything had they not been born. Not one of them began life with a little book of prophecy to alert their mothers to what they held in their arms. They simply gave and sustained life in these little infants because that’s what mothers do, not because some soothsayer stood at their shoulders saying, “This child is destined for greatness! Greatness, I say! You must ensure this child lives!”

Good for women who get out there and make other contributions. I’m not saying they shouldn’t. But in spite of what it seems, success in business or success in academia, or science, or politics is largely unimportant by comparison with populating the world. Someone may save civilization as we know it, but there’d be no civilization to save without the continual replenishment of population.

Furthermore, mothers have more influence on how those children will turn out than anyone else. Civilizations rise and fall because of what mothers (and fathers) do or don’t teach their children. Would civilization fall if Bill Gates hadn’t built Microsoft? I doubt it. Would civilization fall if Meg Whitman ran eBay into the ground? Unlikely. But civilization will fall if mothers aren’t there teaching character, providing love, and shaping minds. And while teachers are great for teaching, they can never provide as much personal attention and unconditional love as a mother.

So in case you hadn’t already picked up on this, I’m a big fan of mothers. My mother is an amazing person; perhaps none of us have gone down in history, but her children are all making a positive difference in the world. My wife is an amazing person; it’s far from certain yet, but I’m pretty sure our kids will turn out just fine–and if so, it’s because of her. My sisters are doing a great job with their children. If the world goes off the deep end it won’t be from a lack of effort by the mothers around me.

To those out there who believe motherhood to be a waste of talent I blow a hearty raspberry. Pull your heads out of your nethers and actually pay attention to the world for a change.

To mothers everywhere I extend a heartfelt thank you. The world will never regret the efforts you made to produce and prepare your children to become decent human beings.

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