In the cool–cool–cool of the evening…

A friend of mine likes to quote an old “Peanuts” comic strip where Linus comes across Charlie Brown smacking his head against a wall. Linus asks Charlie Brown (How come we never just call him Charlie?) why he’s doing that, to which Charlie Brown replied, “Because it feels so good when I stop.”

That’s how I feel about evenings these days. I don’t mind that I have to go walk the dog because after the relentless heat of the day a mere 80 degrees sure feels good. The early traces of the cool-damp-earthy morning are beginning to creep in, and the earth seems to be heaving a collective sigh as the sun goes down. I still prefer the cool-cool-cool of the morning, but I do appreciate the evenings. At least until the mosquitoes come out.

And if you’re wondering why I’m stuttering, blame it on my miss-spent youth. I was raised on Bing Crosby (among other things), and so for some reason summer evenings and his old song “Cool Cool Cool of the Evening” are inextricably connected in my mind. Not familiar with it? There’s an app for that:


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  1. Naahh… Not down, just a sweet summer evening melancholy.

  2. No, it wouldn’t let me in to the site, it was down.

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