Nothing to see here

I had a great weekend. I got a lot of things done, did some fun things, and has some great experiences. What didn’t I do? Write a blog post for today. Sorry. You took a lower priority. Grief counselors are standing by.

I’ll see about making it up to you tomorrow.

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3 Responses to Nothing to see here

  1. “Grief counselors are standing by.” Wish I could spend time with you at work now that you blog. Are you channeling all of your funny into your blog & writing progress, so you are stoic at work? Or is there an immense explosion of funny in your life that takes everyone off course in status meetings?

  2. I need grief counseling! Or maybe just Charlie Brown listening to my problems and saying “Good grief!” would suffice.

  3. I was expecting Bill to stop by and offer you all counseling on how to give me grief.

    There may be some element of “saving it for the blog”, as much of my day, especially lately, is spent at my desk feverishly working away. I occasionally crack witty in meetings, but I’ve been moved around from team to team too much lately to feel entirely comfortable hijacking my managers’ meetings. Did I do that at ye ol’ Supervalu?

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