And now, a little ABBA! Why? Because it’s Tuesday!

Admittedly this is about as cheesy as a video gets, unless you’re a major fan of soft-focus and mugging for the camera, but the song is a classic.

Somewhat less known is Bj√∂rn Ulvaeus’ and Benny Andersson’ work with Tim Rice on “Chess: The Musical” in the 1980’s. The American version wasn’t nearly so good as the Original London in my book, and I only listen to it today when I want to get totally depressed, but it’s powerful stuff. Some may remember the singles that hit the charts, “One Night in Bangkok”, and “I Know Him So Well”. They’re not even the best stuff. Here’s a sample:

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    1. If you’re referring to the progress bar to the right vs. what I posted on Facebook last week, I think I updated my progress bar a day or two before my post on Facebook.

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