Boys and school

It looks like Dr. Helen Smith is not the only one noticing that public schools are becoming increasingly hostile to boys. This new article in from Time takes a look at how schools treat boys and decides they are failing.

I have to chuckle at the headline: “School Has Become Too Hostile to Boys.” So…you’re saying there’s a right amount of hostility?!

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2 Responses to Boys and school

  1. Reaction to YOUR comments – Yes, there is a “right” amount of hostility. Boys thrive on challenge and conflict. It just needs to be done right for each one.

  2. Now on to the article, Thew author also left out how teachers and administrators overwhelmingly tell the victims of bullying to “just let it go” or some other such tripe and then punish the victim for dealing with the issue in his own way when he has had enough.

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