Migraines and monkeys

Obviously I missed my regularly-scheduled post today. What can I say? The day started off with a migraine and got worse from there.

My migraines aren’t all that severe, so I wasn’t too concerned. But this one turned out to be a particularly nasty one–which for most people with migraines I’ve heard from was still considered mild by their standards. Had I still been home I might have talked myself into just staying there, taking a nap, and sleeping it off. But I wasn’t. I was at work. So I slogged my way through the morning and finally felt semi-human again around noon.

But the day got worse. Someone else won the inflatable monkey.

During our team meeting today we had another round of Goals Bingo. Two of my teammates got bingo today. One of the chose the monkey. I am anguish. I am sorrow. I am lost in the gall of bitterness and despair.

But tomorrow is another day. There will be other mountains to climb, new monkeys to inflate.

Why yes, I am still hopped up on painkillers. Why do you ask?

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