Expose: The real overpopulation problem

Human overpopulation is perhaps a problem, but this startling infograph alerts us to an even greater problem:
xkcd Overpopulation problem

Yes, human beings consume more resources, but when we die we will break down and decompose sooner or later. Lego Minifigs? They’re plastic. They’ll be around forever! There’s no getting rid of them! We’ll be buried in minifigs!

This has got to be stopped!

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4 Responses to Expose: The real overpopulation problem

  1. OR, deluged by info-graphics.

  2. Well jeez, how else do you expect people to learn anything? Infographics and soundbites are the only options left anymore!

  3. I had no idea this was such a problem. Thank you for raising public awareness.

  4. Terhi says:

    Lego minifigs are taking over our house little by little. Two new ones just moved in last night! AAAAAAAHHHHH!

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