On vacation

So, why haven’t I posted yet this week you ask? Hah, just kidding! No one has said a thing!

I’m on vacation, and as much as I enjoy taking time off, I’m not doing anything meriting an entire blog post. So here’s a sample of my vacation so far to date:

  • Finished cleaning out and reorganizing the shed
  • Helping my wife at the animal sanctuary where she volunteers
  • Providing business and technical support to aforementioned animal sanctuary, including logo editing
  • Getting an oil change for my car
  • Buying a winter coat to replace the one whose zipper fell apart last winter
  • Helping teach knot-tying to cub scouts
  • Playing lots of Carcassone and a little chess with the kids

And that’s just the first few days. The rest of my week may include visiting a state park and hiking up a mountain, weathering a sleep-over of twelve-year-olds, replacing shower fixtures, washing windows, mowing the lawn, and perhaps even doing a little writing. If you’re particularly unlucky there may be more more blog posts.

No promises.


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