Tell me what you see

Karwai Tang / Getty Images

Keira Knightly – Karwai Tang / Getty Images

Take a look at this picture of Keira Knightly. What are the first few things you notice about her appearance? Tell me in the comments (Don’t read anyone else’s first). Pass this along. I want lots of feedback on this one.

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9 Responses to Tell me what you see

  1. Me says:

    Hair looks slightly wind-blown, seems shy on make-up. VERY brown eyes, slightly large nose. background is clearly for promo purposes. Looks like she got caught in mid breath or mid speak. Full eyebrows. Not as pretty as my wife, but not a camera breaker. Off-white dress with lace fair;ly modest but attractive and semi-implying. She seems to be leaving her weight mostly on her right side. The way her hair is parted she would have a hard time seeing to her right.

  2. Angela says:

    She looks tired. There are circles under her eyes that her too-light foundation makeup didn’t cover. She looks like she is talking to someone. Her lips are chapped. Her hair has an unkept quality that the stylist didn’t pull off well because it just looks messy. I like her rich hair color; glossy and not faded. Her top is kind of weird, but it’s hard to tell if I’d like it more with a full shot. She has interesting wrinkles on her neck that either look like weight gain or reality sinking in. Her eyes are beautiful and probably the best part of the photo.

  3. Dan Stratton says:

    I have always thought that she has beautiful eyes. That that is what I see.

  4. May I ask what the purpose of this exercise is?

  5. Certainly! Ask all you like! 😉

  6. There will be a post forthcoming, but I’m hoping to see a few more responses first.

  7. I see brown– chocolate brown eyes and hair. The eyes are what first attracts my attention.

  8. Terhi says:

    With that make-up and top/dress she should have her hair brushed better. She’s in the middle of saying something. Obviously not a photo where she poses for the camera. Pretty eyes.

  9. Tom says:

    Her eyes. I don’t like her dress. Looks like Kiera Knightly to me…

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