You’re so cute

Racism, sexism, and lots of other -isms do exist. But it’s increasingly difficult to take it seriously when so many of the self-appointed -Ism Police are acting more like paranoid schizophrenics, seeing it EVERYWHERE, in EVERYTHING, and WE’RE ALL GONNA DIEEEEEEE! Don’t believe me?

Try this test.

A Beethoven symphony?! I was certain it was a trick question–they all had to be real. The one fake is surprising only in that no one has raised that complaint already. Next these people will be objecting to lawns–a sea of phallic symbolism tied to images of violent pagan ritualism by the voluntary use of green!

These people are trying to guilt or pound us into submission, and if necessary they’ll use total idiocy to win through attrition. You just can’t fight stupid! By trying to apply the label to an increasingly broad and questionable array of circumstances they’re only making it more difficult to take any of it seriously. It’s an erosion of credibility through sincere, inadvertant self-parody. This can only harm those with legitimate claims, if for no other reason than it sucks up the resources that might have gone toward fighting the real ‘isms” out there.

These people need to be stopped, but the people who supposedly most care are at best doing nothing to rein in their own, and at worst enabling or even encouraging such damaging behavior.

In the mean time, we all have to put up with these inanities. I’m growing increasingly convinced that the only response to these people is a condescending smile, a pat on the head, and saying, “You’re just so CUTE!” Anything more than that sucks up time and resources that could be spent in better ways.

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  1. Yeah, patting feminists on the head and telling them that they’re adorable in their stupidity is probably the most civil way of dealing with them. Plus it REALLY cheeses them off.

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