Be positive, dagnabbit!

It seems when I’m under pressure to think of a topic to post about I can’t think of anything but things to gripe about. And I’m tired of griping. Yes, the world’s a rotten place sometimes, but if there’s nothing I can do about most of it, why can’t I just let it be and focus on my own immediate sphere of influence? My life is pretty darn good! Really! My problems are the kind that third-world people emigrate to this country to try and have! I mean, “I didn’t sleep well last night” is sure a lot better than “the local warlords thugs came and hauled off my father in the middle of the night and shot him.” Or “I woke up this morning with my country under new management.” (As wonderful as that might sound sometimes, there aren’t many governments I can think of which I would like waking up under the management of.)

My apricot trees are blooming, and it appears that the frost didn’t get to nearly as many of the flowers as I’d feared. Time will tell, but in the mean time they sure look pretty, and they smell wonderful!

My kids played some game involving ropes, the play gym slide, and a canvas yard-waste container for over an hour last night, and no one got hurt!

My wife made a baked oatmeal dish for breakfast that is really quite tasty. In fact, pretty much everything my wife makes is very good, and we have the resources to buy the foods we like.

My mom was able to come visit for a few days this week.

I have a job, money in the bank, a car that’s not dead yet, and a budget that most of the time balances.

I have friends who would notice if they didn’t hear from me for a week.

Without leaving my chair I have instant access to information and entertainment at levels unimaginable even fifteen years ago.

Indoor plumbing. I’m still a big fan.


So far all the “doomsday asteroids” have missed.

We have robots on distant planets sending back a flood of data and images, while our own world still presents us with frequent surprises.


I can write something in Utah and make someone happy half a world away.

I can buy a box, plug it into my wall, and have it generate invisible waves of energy–simply to heat up my food.

I carry a little box in my pocket that allows me to speak with someone anywhere in the world within seconds.


I could go on–and probably should–but I won’t. I’m feeling better already.



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2 Responses to Be positive, dagnabbit!

  1. I frequently opine that life would actually be better if it were less good … if you catch my drift.

  2. Terhi says:

    Sometimes it’s good to sit down and count your blessings. 🙂

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