My other gig

If you really can’t handle going a day without reading my ramblings, you can check out my weekly post over at The Authors’ Think Tank. Today I talk about various methods I’ve observed for selling one’s book in person (ie. book signings, authors fairs, etc.).

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4 Responses to My other gig

  1. I’d rather not be reminded what a slacker that I am compared to you.

  2. You work ten hour days (at least), six days a week, don’t really get a lunchbreak, and you’re a slacker?! In that case I highly encourage you to be only as busy as me.

  3. Dan Stratton says:

    Bill, you do every one of those things Thom talks about in the post. It is what makes your store successful. Oh to be as big a slacker as you.

  4. I wasn’t really fishing, but, thanks you, guys … sincerely.

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