Not all is lost in higher ed

With all the craziness on campuses lately, it’s good to see there is still some sense among college students–and among the campus newspaper staff, no less! (I say that as someone who was an editor on a campus newspaper, mind you.) In this case it’s at Claremont McKenna College, who was recently in the news over a brushup over Halloween costumes. The overspoiled, underthoughtful crowds of outrage apparently intimidated the college president into so disappointing actions. Here the student paper calls him and their fellow students on it:

We are adults, and we need to be mature enough to take ownership of and responsibility for our feelings, rather than demanding that those around us cater to our individual needs. The hypocrisy of advocating for “safe spaces” while creating an incredibly unsafe space for President Chodosh, former Dean Spellman, the student who was “derailing,” and the news media representatives who were verbally abused unfortunately seemed to soar over many of your heads.

Lastly, we are disappointed in students like ourselves, who were scared into silence. We are not racist for having different opinions. We are not immoral because we don’t buy the flawed rhetoric of a spiteful movement. We are not evil because we don’t want this movement to tear across our campuses completely unchecked.

We are no longer afraid to be voices of dissent.

Read the whole thing. And even the comments are encouraging. Granted I didn’t read very far. It may devolve into nastiness before long, but hadn’t when I stopped reading.

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