This blog will be undergoing significant changes over the next few weeks or months. I’m going to be rebuilding it as more of a writers’ website for marketing purposes–which I admit will likely be about as effective as my vague effort of monetizing my blog. But it would be a shame to get to where I’m ready to “go pro” as it were, only to find my website just isn’t up to it. It probably still won’t be, but unless I get a publisher willing to inject some real money for a real makeover, this will have to do.

The blog will still be here, but I will be posting less frequently–that’s almost a given now anyway. I find I have less to say than I used to, and when I do I usually want it to be something amusing or positive. But as someone who is neither amusing nor positive on a regular basis, that does make things more difficult. Or at least more sporadic. And the blog won’t be on the main page.

You can expect the look of the site to change–perhaps a lot. I’ll be trying out new templates for a while, so if the place starts to look like the dressing room of a mall teen fashion boutique, my apologies. It will settle…eventually.

I’ll also be porting a lot of content to a new home. Sadly, a site for which I’ve been posting regularly for several years is closing down, and rather than see all my work disappear into the bit bucket I’ll be moving it here. Or at least the best posts. You probably won’t notice unless you go looking for it, though.

Anyway, until everything finds its final home and configuration, please be patient. Things might not work well for a while.

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  1. Good luck! with the remodeling! Hasn’t some wise person said that only thing constant is change?

  2. W00t! About time you grew up. 🙂

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