General update: March 28, 2017

Wow, it’s been over a month since I last posted anything. That hasn’t happened in a while. There just hasn’t been anything to say, really.

But in general, life is good. I’m writing, work’s going well, everyone’s healthy, except our eighteen-year-old cat, and he’s on the mend. We’ve got our summer all planned out already, a lot of little things are coming together.

Most importantly, I’m writing steadily again, and enjoying it. My space opera novella is coming along nicely, and I hope to have it wrapped up in the next few weeks. I had planned to set it aside come April so I could do another significant re-write on the novel I plan to workshop at Sundance next month, but I just received some more information indicating that we’re only work-shopping twenty pages. So no need for a major revision there.

It’s a good thing I didn’t set a goal for reading this year, as I’ve read precisely one book so far, and making progress on another. I’ve got a few more queued up–I’d like to finish Mary Robinette Kowal’s new novel before I see her at the writing workshop–but my reading has been seriously neglected so far this year.

Instead I’ve been spending my evenings, when I’ve got them, writing. I reached the conclusion that a comfy chair or couch is just not a good place to write and stay awake. We’ve had a small writing desk in our bedroom for some time, mostly acting as a small display table. I took that over, added a desk lamp, and I’ve got a new writing spot that works quite well. I don’t seem to have much trouble staying awake, and I’m able to compensate for the fact that I seem to have slowed down in my writing speed. I don’t think I’ve written a thousand words during my lunch hour this entire year, when it used to be a regular occurrence. Add in another hour or so in the evenings, though, and I’m nearly keeping a NaNoWriMo pace lately.

Of course I’m not working on my novel right now; I’m blogging. I would like to start blogging again; at least more often than I have been lately, but frankly I still don’t know what to say. But I’ll at least put this up so it doesn’t feel neglected. Twenty more minutes to write–I should at least be able to finish 1000 words for today. Ciao!

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