Sit and listen

I’ve been enjoying audio books for years now. They’re a great way to spend my hour-a-day commutes. But I’ve noticed lately that I’ve developed a weird habit.

I can’t just sit and listen to an audio book.

I can listen in the car just fine. I can listen to them while working on something, like staining the deck or something else where I need my hands. But I can’t just sit and listen. That’s…wrong somehow.

I used to think it was just because I knew I was cheating and getting ahead just because I don’t want to wait until my next commute to hear what happens next. But I’m currently listening to a novel I’ve listened to before. I know what happens. This weekend I had free time, and I didn’t want to start reading another book. I wanted to read that book. No, I didn’t want to go read my hard-copy version, as I’d have to waste time later trying to advance the audio version to where I left off.

So I listened to it. But it still felt wrong! Horribly wrong! I had nothing in my hands!

Yeah, I’m weird.

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